Green process

Green Process

A 100% natural & patented process

Bionov relies on a high-performance production tool and a multidisciplinary team to obtain the best from melon. SOD B® is produced according to a green and natural process involving only physical steps, without any solvent, additive or other chemical substances. Only the edible parts of the melon (pulp) are used. This eco-friendly extraction process enables to preserve the high SOD content of melons, through the strict management of the temperature and quick drying of the juice after concentration. Through its expertise, Bionov guarantees the highest activity of bioactive SOD on the market.

green process patented processeds
green process

Full traceability

All the production steps, from the selection of melon seeds to the production of the SOD B® active solutions are carried out in France, close to the melon fields, providing full traceability.

melon selection

Melon Selection

Each processed melon is harvested manually and carefully selected in order to retain the most SOD concentrated ones. Non-compliant raw materials are rejected from the process. (©Bionov)

melon washing

Melon Washing

Melons are cleaned with water before being processed. (©Bionov)

melon filtration


Successive filtration steps are performed to obtain a melon juice highly concentrated in SOD. (©Bionov)

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Melon pulp is concentrated to retain SOD and reject other components. (©Bionov)