Health benefits

Health Benefits

SOD supplementation: a strong scientific background

Since its discovery in 1969, thousands published studies have highlighted the efficacy of an SOD supplementation, whatever its route of administration. Thanks to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action, SOD provides efficient preventive and corrective effects in almost all tissues. Important beneficial effects have been reported after an SOD administration, in a large range of health applications, in more than 50,000 scientific works, including 1,000 clinical trials.

health benefits SOD supplementation

SOD B®: Youth solution for your application

As the highest natural source of bioactive SOD, and according to its innovative way of action, SOD B® provides numerous beneficial effects. For each health applications, Bionov develops full scientific arguments based on the scientific literature and proprietary studies.

joint health
Joint Health
Male fertility recovery
eye health
Eye health
well being
Well being
physical recovery
Physical recovery
pain relief
Physical pain relief
cellulite reduction
Cellulite reduction
uv protection
UV protection
acne reduction
Acne reduction