Our partners

Partnership is a key component of Bionov strategy

Bionov collaborates with national distributors, research institutes, academics/universities and industrial partners.

Distribution network

Thanks to Robertet’s sales force, Bionov is able to act directly in many countries and to assure a strong global presence through an excellent sales network. Bionov also works closely with national distributors and agents in targetted countries.


At Bionov, we are truly convinced that success comes from cooperation. Bionov works closely with major companies from the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, food, feed and /or cosmetic markets, in the management of innovative projects. Harness the skills of all actors involved in each development allows to reach cooperative success.

partners industrial

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The Bionov R&D department is engaged in collaborative projects with research organisms and scientific teams, such as universities and specialized private and public research institutes, to manage and conduct mechanistic, animal and clinical studies.

partners research


Bionov relies on local, European and World public organisms to launch new projects and to develop its activity.

partners financial