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Today’s modern lives require optimal mental and physical capacities. According to the World Health Organization, 30% of the global population is subjected to mental and physical disorders, affecting their life quality. Oxidative stress, favored by low body’s endogenous antioxidant protection, strongly participates in decreasing people’s daily performances. Highest source of natural and bioactive SuperOxide Dismutase (SOD, 14,000 IU/g), SOD B Extramel® is clinically proven to promote a sense of well-being through the maintenance of optimal mental and physical performances. As demonstrated in multiparametric clinical studies, a one-month supplementation with SOD B Extramel® significantly boosts daily performances by improving stress relief, sleep quality, cognitive functions and physical tonus.

Mental performances

stress relief
Stress relief
sleep quality
Sleep quality
cognitive function
Cognitive function


physical recovery
Physical recovery
pain relief
Physical pain relief


SOD B Extramel® is available with two specific coatings and is suitable for the formulation of numerous nutritional applications. SOD B Extramel® is the highest source of natural bioactive SOD with a guaranteed SOD activity of 14,000 IU SOD/g. Consequently, SOD B Extramel® is efficient at low recommended dosage allowing its easy incorporation into formulations.

coatings grade M


  • SOD guaranteed activity: 14,000 IU/g
  • Intended applications: capsules, tablets, softgels
  • Daily recommended dosage: 10 mg/day
coatings grade S


  • SOD guaranteed activity: 14,000 IU/g
  • Intended applications: sticks, sachets, tisanes, syrups, effervescent tablets, gums, candies, capsules, tablets
  • Daily recommended dosage: 10 mg/day