Melon fields

Melon Fields

Melon cultivation is based on exclusive contracts with local producers on referenced plots to provide the best melon quality. All Bionov melon fields are located in the south of France including in the region of Cavaillon, well-known for the quality of its melons, reflecting traditional know-how.

A high quality production

melon fields high quality production

Bionov crops are cultivated according to Good Agricultural Practice and Harvest. Overall, several hundred tons of melons are outdoor cultivated each year according to a reasoned production. Production teams are particularly vigilant on the soil that influences the concentration of SOD. Cultures are planned according to a very specific schedule, depending notably on climatic conditions.

Organic Cultivation

melon fields organic cultivation

Organic crops can be grown on specific requests. Melons are harvested manually at optimal maturity and are directly shipped by truck to the production facility, avoiding any risk of alteration.