Commitment to Science

Over the past 15 years, Bionov has conducted extensive scientific research assuring the safety and efficacy of SOD B® as a youth solution. New SOD B® applications are explored every year and Bionov undertakes to support each SOD B® benefits with proprietary mechanistic, animal and human clinical studies. The Bionov research team publishes an average of two articles per year on SOD B® which highlight its commitment to scientific research.


Understand and demonstrate the bioactivity and the mechanism of action of SOD B® both by oral and topical routes. 5 studies and a major review have been published in two years by the Bionov research department on this topic.


Establish scientific reviews detailing the SOD B® efficiency in each health applications. Bionov has demonstrated that a SOD B® supplementation boosts the body’s own SOD expression. According to this way of action, Bionov has linked the SOD B® efficacy to the large range of health benefits reported in the literature on endogenous SOD,  Today 15 scientific files reviewing more than 1,000 scientific SOD studies, as well as Bionov proprietary experiments, have already been published.


Confirm the SOD B® way of action and its efficacy by conducting proprietary clinical studies on relevant identified models as proof of concepts.

SOD B Applications