Safe coatings for guaranteed SOD bioactivity

CoatingsAs a protein, SOD is subjected to degradation by the skin barrier environment after its topical application. Bionov guarantees the highest SOD bioactivity through the development of specific coatings adapted to the formulation of numerous cosmetic applications.

SOD B®: first natural source of bioactive SOD by TOPICAL route

Without adapted protection, SOD is degraded and can’t provide its antioxidant capacity. To resolve this issue, Bionov has developed and patented an adapted coating. SOD B® is microencapsulated in order to provide an efficient protection able to inhibit SOD degradation during the skin application. The Bionov patented C3 microencapsulation technology enables SOD B® to reach the skin epidermis with the guaranteed highest SOD activity. Once in the epidermis, SOD B® is released from the coating to provide its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Your cosmetic application, our solution



  • Coating agent: Modified Maltodextrin
  • Intended applications: creams, ointments, sprays, lotion
  • Allergen free