Quality engagement

Quality engagement

Bionov produces natural, safe, and high quality ingredients complying with the strictest standards of quality & safety.

HACCP compliance

Bionov applies the strictest quality and safety standards, and complies with the HACCP standard system. Relevant rigorous checks are carried out throughout the production process, from raw materials to final ingredients, to guarantee 100% natural and safe active ingredients, in accordance with the latest French decree.


quality engagement haccp compliance


Numerous quality controls are performed by the Bionov quality department. For specific analysis, Bionov relies on accredited and selected external laboratories to evaluate its products, in order to guaranty their sanitary qualities. Several parameters are evaluated: microbiology analysis, phytosanitary residue tests, pesticides and heavy metals quantification, etc.


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Analytical studies

Bionov guarantees the SOD activity in each production batches, through a complete analysis of the enzymatic activity. The analytical department of Bionov has developed its own SOD analysis method based on reference publications. Bionov assists its customers in the application of the SOD analysis method to guarantee the SOD activity provided by their finished products.

quality engagement analytical studies