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The Bionov SOD B® solutions provide innovation and differentiation and the mission of the technical team is to assist you in highlighting these benefits in your product development. The dual competency of the Bionov’ sales team in nutrition and food process on the one hand and nutraceutical and cosmetic markets on the other, ensures a perfect management of all your projects. The Bionov technical team puts its knowledge and expertise in SOD science, formulation, communication and regulation at your advantage to boost your market access with new and innovative products.

customer support
Personalized supports

Personalized supports

Bionov assists you in all your project steps according to a close collaborative and personalized approach. This includes scientific supports, technical assessment for your formulation and manufacturing steps, communication tools with adapted wording on product labelling and claims support complying with regulatory authorities.

formulation advice

Formulation advice

The Bionov technical team knows how SOD B® provides its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits and how those benefits can be promoted by the addition of synergistic ingredients. This strong knowledge in SOD allows the Bionov sales team to propose ready to use formulations depending on your needs and targeted health applications.

scientific supports

Scientific supports

To answer to all specific customers’ needs, the Bionov technical team is continually seeking new market developments and applications. Bionov elucidates the SOD B® way of action in each targeted health application. Thousands of scientific publications on SOD has been analyzed and exploited with the objective to develop and promote new health applications. According to this strong scientific background on SOD, more than 15 scientific files reviewing the efficacy of SOD in targeted health applications have been published.

communication & wording

Communication & wording

The efficacy and differentiation conveyed by the Bionov SOD B® solutions can be highlighted in efficient messages. Bionov assists you in your B to C communication strategy and in your product label wording. Most of the SOD B® formulated finished products are backed by relevant messages which highlight the antioxidant & anti-inflammatory efficiency of Bionov SOD B® solutions.


Technical supports

Bionov provides adapted technical support for your formulation and manufacturing steps with the objective to guarantee the highest SOD bioactivity in your product.