SOD B Primo-antioxidant®

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Protection at source

For 40 years, the closely link between aging and oxidative stress has been scientifically demonstrated. When we get older, our body oxidizes, and our endogenous natural primary antioxidant defenses are overwhelmed, accelerating cell oxidative damages. SOD B Primo-antioxidant® is an adapted preventive solution to cope with the age-related increase in cell oxidation. Highly concentrated in natural and bioactive melon SOD (5,000 IU SOD/g), SOD B Primo-antioxidant® restores optimal body’s antioxidant protection, corrects oxidative stress and inflammation, therefore slow downing cell aging. Such way of action is linked to numerous health benefits.


Highly guaranteed in natural bioactive SOD, SOD B Primo-antioxidant® provides an efficient protection at the source of the free radicals production. Mechanistic studies have highlighted the capacity of SOD B Primo-antioxidant® to control the superoxide productions in several targeted tissues such as the liver, the adipose tissue and the cardiac tissue.

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Inflammation relief

Highly guaranteed in bioactive SOD, SOD B Primo-antioxidant® corrects inflammation as demonstrated in proprietary published mechanistic animal studies.

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Health benefits

As every cell can be damaged by oxidative attacks and inflammatory events, the prevention and correction of oxidative stress and inflammation is important to prevent the development of age-related disorders. Scientifically demonstrated to inhibit both cell oxidation and inflammation, SOD B Primo-antioxidant® provides numerous health benefits. Each benefit is backed by scientific support.

cell aging prevention
Cell Aging Prevention
acne reduction
Acne Correction
uv protection
UV Protection
SOD B Primo antioxidant HEALTH BENEFITS
eye health
Eye Health
male fertility recovery
Male Fertility Recovery
skin repair
Skin Healing
joint health
Joint Health


SOD B Primo-antioxidant® is available with two specific coatings and is suitable for the formulation of numerous nutritional applications. SOD B Primo-antioxidant® is guaranteed with a SOD activity of 5,000 IU SOD/g. Consequently, SOD B Primo-antioxidant® is efficient at low recommended dosage allowing its easy incorporation into formulations.

coatings grade M


  • SOD guaranteed activity: 5,000 IU/g
  • Intended applications: capsules, tablets, softgels
  • Daily recommended dosage: 20-200mg/day
coatings grade S


  • SOD guaranteed activity: 5,000 IU/g
  • Intended applications: sticks, sachets, tisanes, syrups, effervescent tablets, gums, candies, capsules, tablets
  • Daily recommended dosage: 20-200 mg/day